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At Pure Performance Golf Labs we give golfers of all levels the Tour Pro Advantage. Utilising the latest in technology such as trackman , advanced fitting software and high speed cameras we can accurately measure your current equipment and then find the best combination from our 30,000 fitting options to improve your performance. You can be guaranteed of a PGA Tour fitting experience.

At Pure Performance Golf Labs we use cutting edge technology to make golf more enjoyable for you and to help lower your handicap. Whatever your age or ability, custom golf clubs with Pure Performance Golf Labs will help you take the next step in your golf game.

Pure Performance Golf Labs has been fitting club golfers, top amateurs and PGA tour players in the United States since 2007. Pure Performance Golf Labs has locations across the United States. Our two most recently opened locations are in Mayakoba Resort Mexico and Sydney, Australia.

If you would like to lower your golf scores or improve your game then contact Pure Performance Golf Labs today. Our professional custom fitters are always happy to answer any of your queries.


Company History

The company was started by owner Brandon Collier in 2007. He wanted to give the average golfer an un biases club fitting to find out what head and shaft combo best fit the golfer without being limited to a brand. Next Brandon wanted to be able to match the fitting club to the club the golfer took home with them. So everything  PPGL sells we hand build in our build shop to match the fitting club specs. This business model has been so successful it has allowed us to expand worldwide.

> Gold Digest Top 100 fitter 2011 – 2015

> Top 50 shafts Technologist 2008 – 2015

> Mizuno Top 100 Fitter 2011 – 2015

> Titleist Specialized fitter 2011 – 2015

Taylormade Premier Fitter

> Trackman Certified


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The team at Pure Performance Golf Labs are committed to ensuring that we provide golfers of all levels the Tour Pro Advantage.


Pure Performance has contributed to helping these players play the best they can with custom fitted golf equipment.






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