Club Fitting


Pure Performance Golf Labs uses the industry leading Trackman technology for all our club fittings, guaranteeing more accuracy, distance and optimum ball flight and launch conditions. Club fitting is suitable for golfers of all skill levels. Pure Performance Golf Labs offers more than 30,000 fitting combinations, making sure each individual has the ultimate fitted golf club and using all the major club head and shaft brands.

A Pure Performance Club Fitting means you can now enjoy a golfing advantage that previously only the professionals could access.



From the tee, golfers look to add extra yardage without sacrificing accuracy. Using Trackman III technology we take 21 measurements to determine the best shaft, club head, profile, weight, frequency and length of your perfect driver. Your Pure Performance custom driver will provide you with maximum ball launch and spin ensuring your tee shots will be straight and long.

Your Pure Performance personalized driver is achieved using the latest technology and professional club fitting expertise.

• Your current driver is analyzed: loft and face angle, swing weight and shaft frequency.

• Using your current driver we measure ball and swing speed, launch angle, spin rate and axis, smash factor and attack angle, height of the ball and carry distance.

• Our Pure Performance club fitter uses these individual measurements to assemble a variety of  shaft and head combinations. Then you will test the selections and we will again measure the specific aspects of your drives.

Using these results, the club fitter will recommend your perfect custom club. Your tailored driver will contain the shaft, flex, length, loft, swing weight and head and face angle specific to your physique, posture and swing. Extra yardage and fewer shots are certain to follow!
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Driver Fitting Image


Driver + Woods (Long Game)

Woods + Hybrids Fitting Image

Fairway woods and hybrids are standard utility clubs in the golf bag. Allow Pure Performance Golf Labs to make certain these essentials are specific to your swing and distances. By measuring your swing and ball striking, we can then fit you with the best shaft and head combinations for your specific game. Our expert fitters will recommend a combination of clubs designed for distance and accuracy which will meet distance-gapping goals just for you.

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Iron fittings by Pure Performance Golf Labs analyzes your current clubs along with  your personal swing. Our club fitting expert will tailor clubs to maximize your iron game. Your custom irons will allow you exceptional accuracy and distance along with optimal launch and spin.

Standard specifications for golf irons are non-existent. Each company and brand has their own specs for shaft, length, weight, loft and lie angle. Often this leads to misfit clubs when changing brands. Our Pure Performance club fitter will ensure each golfer has irons tailored to your physique, posture and swing. Your customized irons will be specifically designed for your individual

-Swing weight and grip

-shaft (profile, length, weight and frequency)

-loft (weak or strong)

-lie angle (flat or upright)


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Wedge Fitting


Typically, most golf shots are 100 yards or less. Improving your wedge ‘scoring zone’ will greatly enhance your game and lower your score. Custom wedges from Pure Performance Golf Labs will match your game and your swing.

Our expert club fitter will use Edel’s fitting and our own propriety wedge system to evaluate your swing characteristics and typical divots. We will then tailor your perfect wedges. Your custom wedges will have just the right sole width, grind and bounce to make your short game shots really perform.
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Putter Fitting

Three-putting will likely be a thing of the past after a Pure Performance Golf Lab customized putter fitting. Your set-up, aim and stroke will be closely examined and recommendations made for greatly improving your performance on the green.

Using the Quintic putter monitor and high speed video your set-up, aim, stroke and roll will be assessed. Quintic provides detailed data on ball roll and launch to help choose the best putter for you.

Our expert fitter will recommend a putter head style, weight and loft specific to your stroke.

Our high speed video will capture your putts and we will point out some adjustments to help you sink more putts with fewer strokes.

Whether you are looking for Edel, Machine, arm-lock, belly or a long putter, each of our customized putters is built just for you. It will be specifically designed in head and hosel style, length, lie, loft, weight, grip and grip size to give you the performance edge on the green.

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Putter Studio


Full Bag Ultimate Fitting

A complete set of customized clubs promises peak performance.  Shaft and head combinations unique to you and your game will mean fewer mis-hits and consistently lower scores.

Your  current clubs will be measured, then your swing and launch patterns will be thoroughly analyzed for launch angle, height, ball speed, spin, swing speed, smash factor, attack angle and carry.

Finally our fitting professionals will make recommendations for your custom driver, fairway wood, hybrids, irons and wedges.

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Club Fitting Prices

Driver: $150
Irons: $200
Full Bag (Driver Through Wedges): $350
Full Bag Ultimate (Driver Through Putter): $400
Wedges: $100
Putter: $100
Long game (Driver Through Hybrids): $225

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