Mark Lye: “If you REALLY want to get the most out of your game, start with your equipment…and that means getting the perfect fit for YOU! At Pure Performance golf, they are the best at fitting you for the latest in technology, head to toe. That’s why I always go there, for the perfect fit.”


Tee McCabe: “I’ve played on the Nationwide Tour for 3 years and was sponsored by Titleist for 10 years. I’ve seen the best fitters and builders in the world. The guys at Pure Performance are delivering Tour quality building to the average golfer.”


Chris Trout: “Pure Performance gives golfers a first class experience. I feel like a kid at a candy store every time I walk in.”


Mark Durland: “Pure Performance Golf Labs knowledge, leading-edge technology, customer service and attention to detail set them apart from others in the industry. I use Pure Performance exclusively for all my personal club fitting needs and for clients of my golf school.”


Jordan Burke: “The selection of shafts, the fitting process, and the knowledge of equipment are second to no one. I believe my equipment is put together better than the guys on Tour”


Adam DeArmond: “These guys have it all. All the tools and knowledge you can imagine. If you want to get the most our of your game, you need to go to Pure Performance!”


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