Why Pure Performance


Pure Performance Golf Labs guarantees better performing clubs with significant improvements in consistency, accuracy and distance. Your custom fitting experience includes gathering data specific to your game using the latest Trackman III technology. Then our expert club builders construct your clubs one by one, tailored just for you, using the finest grips, shafts and club heads. We even test and recommend the best type of golf ball for your swing and game.



Pure Technology

Our state-of-the-art testing studios include hitting bays equipped with

-Trackman III Technology. With world famous Trackman data measurements we are able to determine 21 different ball and club parameters instantly. This includes club path, face angle, club head speed, attack angle, ball speed and spin rate among others.

-V1 and Quintic Ball Roll software with high-speed video allows Pure Performance Golf Labs to evaluate all aspects of putting guaranteeing the perfect fit for every customer.
With every possible head and shaft combination in our fitting bay, we are able to provide each customer with exactly the perfect customized clubs.


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Our Expertise


With expert craftsmen, skilled club fitters and the latest technology Pure Performance Golf Labs provides an exceptional custom club-fitting experience.

Our team is headed by Brandon Collier and Ryan Richardson. Brandon is one of the Pure Performance Golf Labs founders and is regarded as a leading club fitter and builder in the United States. Ryan personally understands the frustrations of ill-fitting clubs in his amateur golfer role. This is why he is adamant about delivering a memorable personal experience for Pure Performance Golf Labs customers.




Our Process

Using the latest Trackman technology, Pure Performance Golf Labs customizes your clubs with a proven process:

1. We determine specifications from your current clubs from your wedges up through your driver while recording details such as swing weight, shaft frequency, length, lie, loft, and face angle.

2. Using your current clubs we measure and evaluate your swing and launch characteristics including ball speed, swing-speed, spin-rate, sidespin, spin-axis, height of ball, carry distance, smash factor, attack angle, launch angle, and yards off line.

3. With your individualized data in hand, our club fitter will assemble shaft and head matches from over 30,000 possible combinations. Then we will test the new club combinations and compare the results with your current clubs.

4. Our club fitter will then evaluate and analyze the data and draw up a list of recommendations for your wedges, irons, hybrids, fairway wood and driver.

5. Recommendations can be adjusted to suit your budget.

 6. We place your order with our HQ in Naples Florida. Custom orders require a minimum of 14-21 days for fulfillment and shipping.





Our Product Range

Pure Performance Golf Labs have exclusive equipment deals with these prestigious brands:


• Accra
• Graphite Design
• Matrix
• Oban
• Mitsubishi
• Fujikura
• UST Mamiya
• Miyasaki

• Aerotech
• Nippon.
• True Temper
• Project X
• Akira
• rips
• Pure
• Golf Pride
• Lamkin



• Titleist
• Scotty Cameron
• Mizuno
• Callaway
• Odessey
• Ping
• Taylormade
• Cobra
• Adams

• Cleveland / Srixon
• Epon
• Muira
• Bettinardi
• Yes
• George Spirits
• Edel
• Akira
• Scratch Golf


Our Service

From the moment you call for your custom-fitting appointment Pure Performance Golf Labs guarantees impeccable, premium service. Our goal is to improve your performance and your pleasure and enjoyment of the game of golf. We promise the latest technology in the fitting experience and customization of your tailored clubs. We strive to maintain ongoing relationships with all of our customers.




Stock Versus Custom

If you are seeking greater distance, accuracy and consistency in your game, custom golf clubs will help. So many golfers play poorly due to incorrect or misfit shafts or clubs. Golfers come in all shapes, sizes and abilities with a host of strengths and weaknesses. Accommodating and adjusting your swing and game with stock clubs is a surefire way to ruin your desire to play.

Pure Performance Golf Labs is the leader in custom fitting clubs. Your custom clubs will suit you and your game while enhancing your personal performance. We invite you call today for your professional custom fitting appointment.









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